Global Alliance for a Green New Deal: Too Much Old Grey

The document is in the form of a compressed PDF below


  • The Global Alliance for a Green New Deal ‘package’ is certainly better than conventional development strategies but remains significantly flawed in many ways.
  • The fundamental issue of growth, including its population component, is badly addressed.
  • Far too much is expected of ‘alternative’ technologies, including renewable energy sources.
  • Too much is blamed solely on the ‘Rich North’ / ‘White West’.
  • Similarly, too much blame is attached to the financial sector, ignoring the unsustainable burden of the ‘real economy’ of production and consumption.
  • The threat from the ‘tragedy of the commons’ is evaded while there is unwarranted silence on the menace of human numbers.
  • Overall, the “Deal’ fails to recognise the need for quite substantial overall degrowth to a steady-state economy in dynamic balance with the rest of nature.