Smogging hell

The disastrous Albertan fires aside:

Air pollution report in Nature shocks even Canada’s top researchers.

Humans force earthquakes

The concept of the Age of Anthropocene stresses the scale of the human impact on planet Earth. It seems that we are now becoming an Earth-shattering force too, with big HEP dams playing their malign part (even though many still count hydro-electricity as ‘sustainable energy’):

The foresight of some geologists has adjusted our treatment of politicians on several energy extractions and reservoir projects. They seem to be correct in blaming…

Deforestation in South America

This was what mainstream dietary preferences coupled to the growing number of mouths are doing in terms of tropical deforestation…/heres-whats-driving-deforesta…/…:

Halting deforestation is such a critical part of combating climate change that it was enshrined in the Paris Climate Agreement as a standalone article — yet few countries systematically monitor the drivers of deforestation within their borders. So…

Deforestation in India

More data about the ecocide that is deforestation, this time from India:…/23716-industrial-projects-repla…

‘Green growth’ would have the same ultimate effect, albeir not as fast or as direct.

Indian villagers walk towards the Mahan forest during a protest against a coal mining project in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh. Of the 14,000 sq km of forests cleared over the past three decades in India, the largest area was given to mining (4,947 sq…