Transport thoughts

This draft of a paper on transpiort might contain some useful facts and arguments on the vexed issue of transport policy:

No Transports of Delight—Strategic Transport Planning

Cars filling massive road copy


Car crunch time in USA

Some modestly encouraging newa about curbing the car before ‘Autogeddon’ ends us:

The growth of car-free homes, a drop in driver’s licences and increased car-sharing could all be signs of a move away from the automobile

Unsustainable shipping

With all the (understandable) emphasis on the costs of aviation and new airports and new runways, of high speed railways and boondoggles scuh as London’s Crossrail, and, of course, of ‘autogeddon’ and new road-building, the all too real damage done by the freight shipping industry tends to be ignored. But it adds to the overall grossly unsustainable load:

FREIGHTENED – The Real Price of Shipping, reveals in an audacious investigation the mechanics and perils of cargo shipping.

Trams & trains, then, now & tomorrow

At their peak in the late 19th century, trams provided working people with a fast, efficient means of getting around. Now, argues Christian Wolmar, it is time to follow…