Subsidising climate chaos

The easiest way to stop the slide to ecological ruination is to stop public monies being poured into the forces that driving that meltdown

I just read NEF’s post, “The looking-glass world of fossil fuel subsidies.” You should too.

Economics – Abolish the Treasury!

This is an important initiative:

Ecological sustainability is the foundation of green politics and the thread that should link specific policies. Yet it has been somewhat marginalised in recent years by an influx of unreconstructed ex-‘Labourites’ and, more recently, ‘identity’ fixated individuals. Both feed a current that might be called ‘entitlementism’, one promises all sorts of new rights, mindless of ecological costing and indeed the impact on fellow citizens.
Green politics is Earth-centred or it is nothing. It is for a sustainable balance of rights and responsibiltiies within a framework of the common good of all the Earth’s dependents.
It would be interesting to know how many of the participants loudly and clearly address the population factor in the limits-to-growth/overshoot equation (including the role of migration). It might also be wondered to what extent the needs of non-human species are factored into the assessments.
Still, a welcome development! Rupert Read marshals some important links in his report. It is indeed high time to reassert the basics.

Bold ideas from the new APPG on the limits to growth

Limits of the ‘digital economy’: Airbnb

Another bit of evidence that the new ‘digital’ economy of Uber taxis, on-line shopping, hot desking hubs and so forth is not what is cracked up to be:…/airbnb-rentals-berlin-german…

All that glisters once again is not pure gold

Berlin has banned tourists from renting entire apartments through Airbnb and its competitors in an attempt to protect affordable housing. With the help of large fines,…