EU and big business

The EU’s benefits have to be measured against the influence of big business on its decision-making. Still we can best challenge the sway of corporate empires over the EU by working with others inside the EU, not by setting up some Little England Inc., where their stranglehold would probably ber even greater.

For examples of corporate influence, see:

Asbestos industry

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Modern knowledge of asbestos’ dangers is well over a century old. In 1900, a London doctor discovered asbestos fibers in the lungs of a textile factory

Monsanto – corporate monster

It’s a very facile politics that puts all the blame on big business. The drivers of ecocide are far more complicated than can be explained by a limited and limiting perspective of ‘anti-capitalism’. That said, part of the prolbem is undoubtedly the corporate behemoths that trample over both people ad planet. Monsanto is a major one:

The citizens’ tribunal will consider six questions that are relevant not just in relation to Monsanto, but to all companies involved in shaping the future

Subsidising the fossil fools

Continued extraction, transportation and burning of fossil fuels is a dead-end in so many ways. Yet public monies are poured into the subsidising of this utterly unsustainable energy sector while far better alternatives cry out for support.

I just read NEF’s post, “The looking-glass world of fossil fuel subsidies.” You should too.

Oil corporations’ cover-up about CO2

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Apparently some Californian newspapers were discussing the danger of global warming in the 1950s. It was of course, the background to the 1973 film ‘Soylent Green’. The common excuse that “we did not know then what we now know’ will not wash.

There has been a history of denial, evasion, diversion, direct obstruction and foot-dragging on this matter and many more. Think back to leaded petrol and thalidomide, for example. That is why we need to dismantle the power structures and business arrangements that facilitated what, in effect, is criminal behaviour.

The oil industry’s leading pollution-control consultants advised the American Petroleum Institute in 1968 that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels deserved as much…