Threat from ‘free trade’ deals

Current trade deals threaten to lock us onto the road to ruin:…/today-marks-end-ttip-greenpea….

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The Transatlantic deal is mirrored by its Pacific cousin:

The specific role of TTIP in preventing necessary action on fossil fuel production and therefore climate change have been well summarised recently by the Sierra Club:…/uploads…/climate-roadblocks.pdf

Perhaps not so clear is the role of President Obama, Many people understandably want him to be something that he isn’t. His remarkable rise to power has conjured up all sorts of illusions about just how ‘progressive’ he is. Such faith in Obama is reinforced by the well-worn politics of the lesser evil. [There may be a re-run with Trump and Clinton, the latter having in reality an appalling record on many fronts but made to look good by being faced by a nasty, ignorsant bully in form of Donald Trump]

So what is Obama doing? He is clearly an exceptionally talented, eloquent and politically agile man. He has voiced concerns about greenhouse gas emissions in ways that make the David Camerons of this world look smug and stupid. But articulating a problem is not the same thing as taking rock solid and sufficiently strong action to resolve it.

By contrast, Mr. Obama has worked very hard indeed to deliver, what in an Orwellian abuse of language, is called ‘free trade’ (it is as free as a gambling game with loaded dice). The deals he backs are not just calls for action but binding agreements that effectively hand the power to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and so forth to big business lobbyists and corporate lawyers (aided, where necessary, by all the politicians bankrolled by the big corporations). This ensures that nothing will happen on a sufficient scale and in sufficient time to prevent catastrophic climate change.

TTIP and TPP are not just ‘economic’ policies in the sense that changes in lending rates or income tax levels are. They are about power and about the handing of even more power to an unelected, unrepresentative, irresponsible, and patjhologically greedy elites.

Confirming that the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) amounts to “a huge transfer of power from people to big business,” Greenpeace Netherlands on…