Political correctness and Bad Politics

Here is an interesting American article on the dangers of the ‘identity politics’/’intersectionality’ that is now aggressively rearing its head in the UK, not least in the National Union of Students and through student politics into organisations such as the Green Party:


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Racial, gender, and ethnic diversity matters, of course, but political correctness (PC) tied to bourgeois identity politics can be deadly to Left thinkers and activists and to the causes of peace a…

Trigger happy identity politics

This is a good article on the ‘righteous mind’ syndrome and the spreading ‘trigger’ culture, now even infecting parts of the Green Party:

Increasingly on US and UK campuses young people are demanding a censorship that shuts down argument in a dangerous way

Identity politics – ‘Genderism’

This is an interesting article on the new ‘genderism’, something that is now creeping into Green politics to its cost. It is a pity that Lionel Shriver does not stress the one identity we all share: a common dependence on planet Earth. It is not a matter of ‘self, as she puts it, but rather shared interdependence hence the need for a politics that truly promotes the sustainable common good.

Our preoccupation with gender identity is a cultural step backwards. For me, the self transcends sex by Lionel Shriver / April 21, 2016 / Leave a comment Published in May 2016 issue of Prospect Magazine ©Urbancow/Getty Images From childhood, I…

Identity politics – video

This is an interesting presentation of the rise of identity politics and victimhood. It is the antithesis of a politics of the sustainable common good, starting as it does from self, ‘egocentrism’, not the Earth, ‘ecocentrism’:

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