Air pollution in world cities

In recent years, ‘traditional’ outdoor air pollution has been pushed somewhat into the background by other concerns, not least climate change, civil wars, hunger, poverty and financial turmoil. Yet air pollution causes more than 3 millon deaths a year. It is now the biggest single killer in the world.…/air-pollution-rising-at-an-ala….

See also:…/jo…/v525/n7569/full/nature15371.html

The toll is expected to double as urban populations increase and car numbers grow (set to approach 2 billion by 2050). Yet governments continue to fiddle while the Earth chokes. They build more roads, encourage the production of more cars, and subsidise the fossil fuel industries. In a growing number of cases, they are even offering ‘baby bonues’ to raise population levels and/or restricting access to famkly planning.

There is no way that ‘reformed’ growth — ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, ‘smart, what have you — can make a sufficient difference. The issue is the abandonment of the whole ‘growth project’.

Outdoor pollution has risen 8% in five years with fast-growing cities in the developing world worst affected, WHO data shows

Role of tropical forests & biodiversity in carbon storage

There is a good article here on why we cannot just preserve just a few ‘choice’ bits and pieces of non-human nature (as in the ‘triage’ model, an example of very non-ecological thinking):

Conserving wildlife can benefit carbon storage in tropical forests across the world, and thus contribute to controlling global warming, predicts an international consortium of…