2016: May 30 – rally at Druridge Bay

At today’s protest at Druridge Bay the main speaker was Bill Oddie of BBC ‘Springwatch’ fame and of course from the ‘Goodies’ comedy series of many years ago. He is pictured in the middle. He made a very good speech arguing that the land targeted by Banks for open cast coal mining should instead to be used to link up the various nature reserves on the Bay to create one big protected area (a bit like the North Norfolk coast). Basically one landowner is selling out to Banks when it should be acquired for the sustainable common good.
Andrew Cooper (on the right) from the Yorkshire and Humberside region of the Green Party also spoke from the platform. He pointed out that a proper national planning policy framework would make it impossible for such ruinous applications even to come forward.
On the left is NE Green Party regional organiser Shirley Ford and next to her is Dave Herbert, a very knowledgeable campaigner in the field of fossil fuels. Shirley made a speech that drew attention to another threat, that from offshore underground coal gasification.
Bill Oddie has a reputation for being somewhat grumpy. To be fair, he let lots of people have their photographs taken with him. It must be a bit tedious but he did in in good spirit, though not always smiling.
From left: Shirley Ford, David Herbert. Bill Oddie, me and Andrew Cooper