ReGen neighbourhood, Netherlands

There is a tidal wave of new build proposed across Tyneside and elsewhere in Britain. Most is new housing, though there are some infrastructural megaprojects such as HS2 in the pipeline too.

Newcastle Council is, for example, is proposing a veritable new town on its western side, saying it will be a “green” community. Such fraudulence must be challenged and one way to do it is to point to developments that are genuinely greener.

A well-known one is Vauban on the edge of Freiburg in SW Germany, built on the site of an old army barracks (…/words-most-suc…).

Here is another that puts to shame deadheads such as Newcastle council and its allies amongst the ‘volume builders’, architects of utter mediocrity:…/this-new-neighborhood-will-g…/2

ReGen Village, outside of Amsterdam, doesn’t need a grid or food systems. It’s a model for a future, fully closed-loop settlement.

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