Greening Los Angeles

Doubtless there will be many holes that can be pciked in this plan for Los Angeles.…/f/landing_pag…/files/The%20pLAn.pdf

Reading the finer print, there seems to be, on occasion, a conflation of energy and electricity consumption, with nuclear and HEP electricity assumed to be truly carbon-free and genuinely ‘clean’. It is not clear what vision and real acton there is for wildlife and wildlife habitat. Population dimensions seem to be sidelined too.

That said, it is streets ahead of the local development plan for my home city Newcastle and indeed most local authority and regional development plans across the UK. Councils and so-called local enterprise partnershjips are deadset on trying to drive into the future with their eyes glued to the rearview mirror. They may scatter around the adjective ‘sustainable’ but, basically, their thinking is stuck in the boom years of the 60s which they want to revive, with a few licks of green cosmetic paint added.


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