Precautionary Principle & GM crops

There is a very useful piece here by Rupert Read on the application of the precautionary principle to the debate over genetically engineered crops.…/the_precautionary_principle_t…

See also:

There is an additional point lurking here. Some people assert that Green Politics is positioned on the left of the conventional left-right political spectrum (contrary to the original “nether left nor right” slogan).

The pioneer of the precautionary principle, a key plank in the Green programme for sustainability, was ‘Tory’ thinker Edmund Burke. That does not mean we endorse everything Burke did or said. It is simply a matter of picking what is of value (from wherever we find it) and integrating it within a coherent package of ideas that, together, serve the common good (eg…/Edmund_Burke_and_Green_Political…).

Many Green ideas such as human scale, steady-state economics and the intrinsic value of non-human species cannot be located on either the Left, Centre or the Right of the political ideologies that have dominated discourse over the past, say, two hundred years.

GMOs have been in our diets for about 20 years, writes Rupert Read. Proof that they are safe? No way – it took much, much longer to discover the dangers of cigarettes…

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