EU – Caroline Lucas on environmental benefits

This new piece by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas spells out some positive arguments about EU membership. At the same time in its current form, the EU is structured as a growth machine, one which pays no attention to local or regional carrying capacity. Structural funds have wrought great environmental damage too. EU-funded new motorways have torn apart whole stretches of countryside. The CAP has subsidised large-scale agro-chemical intensive monocultural farming, not, as mythology has it, small farms.
Then there are all the little negative actions, For example, EU commissioners in Brussels have done a deal with the washing machine manufacturers to standardise on cold-fill washing machines across the whole of the EU. You cannot buy a new washing machine which uses your own hot water supply – they all use cold water and then use electricity to heat it. Across many parts of the EU and especially, of course, Southern Europe, many houses have a solar water heaters on the roof but now that free hot water cannot be used in washing machines any more. A dirty little deal in Brussels which gives washing machine manufacturers has a huge negative environmental impact.
Still, you cannot change the EU from the outside. We have to work with what we’ve actually got (including the often wretched UN), not what we hope we would have.

Environmental problems don’t queue politely waiting for their passports to be checked.

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