Energy – Burma goes for coal

Following the ‘democratic revolution’ in Myanmar, here comes a policy that will help to doom future generations. Truly, social justice and poverty reduction without ecological sustainability can only lead to the equality of the grave:…/for-myanmar-temptation-…/.

It is another example of how many people just do not get it, failing to see how climate change changes everything. ‘Sharing a smaller pie’ is the only sustainable way to link improvement in the lot of poorer peoples with the long-term common good of all peoples and all species.

[The phrase ‘Sharing Smaller Pies’ was, I think, first publicly used by radical architect Tom Bender in this essay, over 40 years old but even more relevant than ever:…/SSP140.pdf]

NEWS: Big expansion of coal power on track as Aung San Suu Kyi forms first civilian-led government in over 50 years

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