Labour, Lisa Nandy & nuclear power

The appalling track record of the Tory govenrment is likely to stimulate more calls for a ‘progressive’ alliance against Cameron and co. The word ‘progress’ begs many questions however. Thus Lisa Nandy, Labour’s energy spokeswoman, has said in an interview published by Bloomberg today that the grotesque ‘white elephant’ of Hinckley C nuclear power station “still potentially has an important role to play for security of supply and low-carbon energy”.

She also says that research money pledged by the government for small modular nuclear plants is “really welcome,” and that “the government must explore other nuclear technologies too.” She also endorse the false fix of carbon capture and storage.

It must be wondered how any truly worthwhile alliance can forged with people with that kind of mindset.

For a more enlightened view, see, for example:;…/nuclear-pow…/small-modular-reactors…;….…/…/Beyond-the-Climate-Crisis.pdf

Providing information on nuclear power in the UK and why it isn’t the answer to climate change.

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