Impeachment crisis in Brazil

Given the row in Brazil over President Dilma Rousseff, leader of the Workers’ Party, it may be worth recalling this:…/brazilian-rouseff-pardon-defor…

A revealing case study is the disastrous Bela Monte dam:;…/……/brazil-rousseff-corruption-bel…

Then there was this under Lula:…/j…/26/amazon-land-rights-brazil

‘Workers Party’ might sound somehow more progressive than, say, Bosses Party. But both can be equal enemies of the Earth. After all, few regimes have devastated both human communities and environmental systems as those of Stalin and Mao. Both acted in the name of The People and indeed enjoyed at times a measure of popular support, all their crimes nothweithstanding.

Attack on president’s environmental credentials comes weeks before she is due to host Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

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