Ecocide – loss of leopard habitat

The more the human takeover of our finite planet, the less there is for other species and leopards are one species amongst an increasing number that are payong the price for human excess:…/leopards-serious-trouble-lost…/…

Here is a tragedy of the commons. With only a tiny and utterly inadequate area set aside for reserves (and their future is often insecure), the leopards’ habitat is open access for human land grabs. Each and every little bite out of that range cumulatively builds up to a crippling loss of habitat, either directly destroyed, grossly impoverished or fragmented into unviable ‘islands’. There is no big plan to wipe out leopards but that is the inevitable outcome unless the process is halted and we learn to share the planet with our co-dependents.

Overall, leopards have lost more than 75% of their historic habitat. Some subspecies, such as the North Chinese, Amur and Arabian leopards, have lost about 98 percent…

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